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Transformational Business Consultancy and Coaching

for Information Technology, Digital, and Internet companies or teams.


Let us take you on the journey from adequate to amazing.


For established businesses that have either hit a hurdle, are entering a new market, or just aren’t seeing the growth that they expected, we provide innovative business advice and strategic consultancy that delivers results.

Our extensive experience with local, national and global businesses, combined with an excellent track record, gives you good reason why Momentum is the best choice for your business.

Our main specialisation is within the Information Technology, Digital, Internet, and Telecoms Services sectors, although the concepts and strategies we use are of benefit to all business sectors.

Get your business on the Fast Track to High Performance today!


Getting more sales for your business is a key factor in growth. We will advise you on highly innovative marketing strategies, that will help you get more leads, and significantly improve their quality.

Next, we transform your sales process to convert more leads, more easily, and maximise the revenue from the new customers and clients that you’ve spent good money on acquiring.

We understand, too, that there are often more elements at work beyond just getting leads and sales, and work with you to uncover deeper problems, and find appropriate solutions.


The most successful businesses, are differentiated not just by their product or service, but by other factors.

If you’re just starting, we will show you how to come up with a stream of innovative marketable ideas and assess them.

Moving forward, we can show you both simple and advanced techniques to start thinking like the most successful entrepreneurs, which when combined with our growth strategies, will enable you to gain a powerful competitive advantage, get to market fast, and generate maximum profits.

Make your dreams a reality!

“Mike's cutting edge knowledge and out-of-box thinking will get you the real results that others promise and fail to deliver.”

Tom Vizzini - Essential Skills

“Mike is able to instantly see all the possibilities in my businesses where very few people have. His empathy enables him to fully understand the nature of the problems I was facing both personally and strategically. With a relaxed yet passionate coaching style, Mike's guidance always ensure immediate progress, not least because he holds me accountable to do what I say I will.”

Rory L - WishyList and MobyMaps

“It is refreshing to see someone with real-world business experience helping other entrepreneurs... ...I personally feel you are in very good hands, pay close attention to what you are about to learn, apply them in your business, and I have no doubt you will succeed.”

Nick Breen -

“Mike gets straight to the point...he has amazing knowledge of how successful businesses should work and be built. I've found his advice and support to be effective and very worthwhile.”

Ellie H - Hire Happy


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