Who are Momentum?


Momentum Global is a boutique consultancy focussed on providing Strategic Consultancy and High-Performance Business Coaching to Founders and C-Level Executives within the Information Technology, Internet and Telecommunications sectors.

We are dedicated to helping you and your business successfully reach your goals, and increase profits, whilst overcoming the difficulties and stresses that you may be currently encountering.

Even if your business is well-established, the world is constantly changing, and it always pays to keep your strategy, products and marketing ahead of the curve. Many initially successful businesses never reach their true potential, through overlooking several key strategic principles. This ultimately leads to missed opportunities and a reduced effectiveness within their marketplace.

Fortunately, and despite what you may hear, there’s no such thing as a “new” way of doing business, and the top-level strategic principles remain the same. What changes is the means through which we take a business to its customers, and what those customers or clients expect.

Within today’s ever changing business environment, there is an overwhelming and constant stream of information, new technologies, new capabilities and market demands, which put significantly increased stress on business owners to keep ahead of the game.

Consequently many business owners and executives get consumed by the day-to-day tactics of delivering and end up becoming overly reactive.

I personally feel that you are in very good hands, pay close attention to everything you are about learn, apply them in your business, and I have no doubt you will succeed.

Nick Breen, Founder, Breen Global

At Momentum we have a motivated and values-centric team, whose primary goal is to bring genuine and authentic success to businesses and business owners who have their values aligned to a deeper meaning than pure financial gain.

We educate and advise corporate businesses so they learn to tread a path to more sustainable long-term success, rather than the profit-at-all-costs mentality which eventually erodes the very foundations that they are built upon.

For SMEs we help your business transition its growth hurdles more smoothly, so that risks are minimised and your business can continue to grow powerfully.

With startups we work in small “Mastermind” groups, and through these, we help you beat the statistics so that your business can become a success story, enabling your to fully realise your dreams.

Momentum’s mission is to guide more businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential.

We understand that every business and every entrepreneur has a different goal, and it really doesn’t matter what these goals or dreams look or feels like. We work with you to create the best version of your business. Better than even you thought possible.

What we find, is that regardless of the level of financial investment in a business, most founders and C-level executives ultimately want to deliver the successes their business demands, whilst at the same time realising more time, more freedom, more autonomy, and in many cases, the ability to make a difference to the world outside the business.

Businesses ultimately are communities of people, and our dedication to our clients and these communities, is only matched by the level of our clients’ energy and inspiration. We are frequently amazed by the stories of passionate endeavour, commitment, resilience and determination many of our clients share.

In return we bring experience, sharp business acumen, wisdom and deep strategic understanding of the world of business. Combined with our business and personal change strategies, we also leverage our extensive network of connections and to support our clients in reaching their dreams. Our team starts every day excited to help you succeed in every way, and we’re passionate about being part of your journey.

We show you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

 When we read Mike’s [recently published] report it was like a breath of much needed fresh air. Not only is his message very powerful, it tips the balance back in your favour. 

Tom Vizzini & Kim McFarland, Essential Skills, essential-skills.com

Mike Wheatley: CEO and Founder

Mike is an entrepreneur, experienced businessman, and acknowledge business expert, with a natural talent for getting results. Combined with his knack of being able to break down complicated subjects into simple, easy to understand concepts, and solve problems, his abilities are highly valued by his clients.

A distinguished career of over 22 years, has seen Mike working with and advising major blue chip corporates, as well as small and medium businesses in strategic consultancy, marketing, sales, project delivery, business operations, technology, and leadership functions. Organisations Mike has worked with include multi-national technology companies, manufacturers, broadcasters, national government organisations, telecoms companies, tech start-ups, as well as multiple small and medium businesses.

Mike has personally directed $20m+ (£15m) business change and technology programmes, with a reputation for delivery and high return on investment, as well as having set-up up successful standalone businesses and multiple new business units within larger organisations.

Mike is fortunate to have the innate skill to quickly identify problems within businesses small and large, and map out a plan for change and growth. A deep understanding of both the human and economic aspects, is underpinned by practical experience and knowledge of the latest developments in psychology and in particular the psychology of success, personal change and persuasion.

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