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Friday 12th June, 2015

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Have you ever seen the latest product launch, or business-in-a-box, and thought: “I absolutely have to have this, it could be the one-thing that makes my business aspirations succeed?”

Consciously aware of it or not, do you frequently buying into new product launches, are always on the lookout for the latest business-in-a-box, or do you buy the latest shiny software ‘gizmos’? Perhaps you are constantly changing your business plans or business ideas because you just saw something that is sold as being faster, better, or making more money. If any of these even slightly ring true with you, then it is very likely that you are suffering at the hands of opportunistic behaviour.

chasing_moneyPerhaps it manifests itself a bit differently. Maybe you convince yourself you’re “just learning”. When you see the latest Facebook advert from the latest Internet Marketing business and you find yourself registering for their “new webinar”, local “free” seminar, or subscribing to their mailing list for a freebie “just” to see if you can learn that one extra thing that can help you.

More often than not, this is particularly destructive because it leads to a cycle that never seems to end.  The worst thing is, after you’ve purchased a product, or learned something new, you realize that it is not the solution you were looking for.  Then, you start regretting the impulse purchase, and feel that those who sold them to you were misdirecting you through slick marketing, which is sometimes true, but the reality is you’re ultimately to blame.

The Spider’s Web

The Internet is full of misleading advertisements and alluring marketing strategies that could easily draw and catch your attention; and with just a click of a finger, you’re stuck like a spider’s prey on its web.  It’s all too easy to catch you simply because you’re not properly focused on your business goals.  Most likely, you have been searching for something that really doesn’t exist!  There is no such thing as a lucrative business that can be setup out of a box and make you wealthy in a few short weeks.  It takes many many months, even several years to get a business established, and for every overnight success, there are ten times as many longer term success stories, and dozens of failures.

In fact, every “overnight success” you see, is in most cases actually the result of years of foundational hard work.  Usually, the need for speed is just driven by ego and ends up being followed by excuses for failing to progress.  Again, there is no highway for success, no easy fixes, and no shortcuts.  We achieve success with consistent focus and hard work.

If you find yourself falling into the trap of chasing every potential opportunity, then you might lack a strategic plan of action or there are just too many distractions around you.

Planning and Routine is Essential

Think of your business as a machine, and that you need to design the different parts of it before it will work; develop an activity or action plan for designing and launching your business.  You can start with a simple to-do list, and then enhance your strategies and plans from there.  There are a host of cloud-based software tools to assist with planning for small and large businesses. Many of them have collaborative features and for startups they are either free or at a very low cost.  Most of these scale up as your team grows.

On the other hand, to avoid distractions, I advise that you move away from things that can interrupt you and add on things that enhance your focus.

Remember that by not having a routine, and not preparing each day properly, it is likely you will suffer from lack of focus and distractions, and these ultimately will impede your business success. There are do-it-yourself tricks that can help maximize productivity and efficiency but should you still be struggling with concentration and focus, this could be due to other deeper issues, which we teach you how to uncover and resolve within our coaching programs.

Understanding the Drivers of Opportunism

Firstly it is important for you to recognise that this opportunistic behaviour is commonly driven from one key factor.

Fear of Failure

This fear of failure can manifest itself in a host of different feelings. Some of the most common ones are listed here, and even the most successful occasionally come up against them, but they have the mental strategies and skills to quickly overcome and ignore these fears. Fortunately, these strategies and skills can be taught.

  1. The need for everything to be perfect before “releasing”, “launching” or “selling a product”. Otherwise known as perfectionism.
  2. Anxiety over any element of your business. This is in fact related to how able you are to step outside your comfort zone. To succeed you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  3. Having too many bad days. Or perhaps bad days just become bad weeks, which become bad months, which stems from the inability to perform when you are below your best.
  4. Over aggressive planning. This comes from having high expectations of yourself and not being comfortable with being only average. Get used to this, and then you will in fact perform better.
  5. Knowledge seeking. Often a symptom of perfectionism, or a desire to know just that little bit more before taking action. Get used to applying the strategy of “Just-in-time knowledge”. This is where you only seek knowledge at the point you actually need it, as defined within your plans.

Now there are many other behaviours and symptoms, as I cannot list every single one here, but hopefully this list will resonate with you. Each of these things may be driven from attached emotions, which are effecting your brain – specifically the limbic and primal areas – creating a repeating pattern, which if you’ve been experiencing these symptoms for a while, may well have become quite ingrained. The only way to fix this, is through transformational change. This starts with awareness, which hopefully this article has created.

Guidance and Mentoring

If you’re suffering from the effects described above, and want help, then step 1 is to recognise that the only way to create a successful business is through:

  • Strategic Focus
  • Effort
  • Tenacity
  • Flexibility

These qualities combined with the correct mental strategies will massively increase your chances of setting up a successful business.

The next step is to read my new report, “The New Entrepreneurial Crisis”, which describes this and many other behavioural afflictions that new entrepreneurs and startups suffer from. It also provides guidance on what to avoid, and the key elements to being successful with starting up your business, in a simple 5 stage process. It shows you the recipe to get from where you are now, to whatever your own definition of success might be.

If you enjoy this report, or just want to see faster results, then the best option is to join either our group coaching program, or apply for dedicated private coaching. If either of these is of interest to you, please send me an email or contact me via social media and I’ll respond with some questions to get us started.

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